17 Funny Comics That Show The Struggle Of Parents When Welcoming Their Second Child

Yehuda & Devir are a married couple and famous Israeli webcomic artists with millions of fans over the world. They are the creators of the popular webcomics “One of Those Days”. You might see their comics somewhere on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The couple also have a website, yehudadevir, in which they frequently update their works.

Yehuda & Devir‘s webcomics have attracted a lot of people as they are funny and relatable. You get fun with them and also find yourself in them. Their comics cover different topics but have one thing in common: seek fun in the silliest moments. In other words, they bring us a more humorous, positive view of what’s happening around us, especially in our daily life.

When the couple welcomed their second child to this world, their life literally changed. Parents understand this, right? And, the couple found a way to deal with such a huge change: draw comics of their everyday life. Mess, baby’s cry, sleepless night, and housework are all brought to their drawings. They are funny, of course, but give people a more realistic (raw) picture of how the life of a couple with two baby children is going.

Are you curious? Scroll down and check them out!


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